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Our Managed Private Cloud provides an Enterprise cloud solution for websites where failure is not an option.

Our VMware private cloud has fault-tolerant network storage and uses a system called Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) which automatically balances load across the physical host servers providing the compute resource. High Availability is baked into our stack from the backbone connection down, every cable, switch and firewall is doubled up to maximum uptime. Check out our feature comparison to see how much more you get with our private cloud and click here to see how great our fully managed support is.

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Managed Private Cloud Pricing
Type vCPU vRAM (GB) Disk (GB) Monthly Cost
Tiny 2 2 10 £100
Small 2 2 40 £120
Medium 4 4 80 £160
Large 8 8 160 £320
Extra Large 16 16 200 £450

Pricing is exclusive of VAT. These prices include our Standard SLA.


Versatile SAN

Our shared HP 3PAR Storage Area Network is cost effective (£0.50 per GB per month), highly available, fast, secure and can be consumed either as a drive (LUN) or as Network Attached Storage.

Expandable Storage

Our private cloud virtual disks are backed by our Storage Area Network (SAN) and we use Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) so your disks are expandable. So need more disk? No problem.


Enterprise site connection requirements? Let us know, we provide a range of site-to-site VPN options, or we can arrange for a direct connection to your premises via a dedicated line.

24/7/365 Support

We operate a follow-the-sun support operation, with staff in Argentina and Australia as well as Europe for round the clock coverage. If you need 24/7/365 cover for your hardware, let us know.

sNAS Storage
Expandable SAN storage
Site-to-site networks
24/7/365 support